Swedish toast is an old Swedish bread speciality, in fact a taosted crunchy roll, the perfect match for all kinds of snacks, meals and servings. Swedish toast has become an international favourite with the successful launch of KRISPROLLS® from Pågen. Since the late 1970’s KRISPROLLS® has been introduced in more than 40 countries worldwide. Today KRISPROLLS® is a daily companion for breakfast, lunch and snacking occasions across countries. KRISPROLLS® is the world’s most sold Swedish toast brand.

KRISPROLLS® is a crunchy, delicious, long-lasting speciality bread with healthy connotations. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with or without a topping of your choice, sweet or savoury.

In Hungary you can enjoy the product in four variaties: made of white bread, wholegrain flour with and without added sugar and with high fibre content.


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