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„Witor’s was founded in 1959 by Roberto Bonetti, who opened the first chocolate workshop in the town of Cremona. Witor’s has always looked for brave and original solutions to face the realities of the market, with winning innovative ideas. One of the key factors in the company’s success is the careful attention paid to the product. The uncompromising search for quality, beginning with a careful and rigorous choice of suppliers, from the use of high-quality raw materials, from the constant monitoring of production process to the care in the handling of the finished product, guarantee constant high quality.” (www.witors.it)

In our assortment you can find pralines of milk chocolate and dark chocolate filled by exciting and delicious ingredients such as creamy milk or hazelnut filling and crispy cereals.

What is good in the cold season? A mug of hot chocolate, a soft blanket, a nice book and …. a lot of delicious chocolate! Witor’s has been preparing for the new season – with a brand new praline of crunchy chocolate filled with soft mousse. Which one will you love: the dark chocolate mousse, the orange flavoured dark chocolate mousse, the yoghurt mousse or the milk chocolate mousse?

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