The nachos – well-known from the cinemas – are finally available on the supermarket shelves in order of having the very same cinema feeling at home, in your living room every evening!

What is in fact nachos? Nachos is a snack originating from northern Mexico that usually consists of tortilla chips and a dip according to your taste – most often cheese dip or salsa dip. The original nachos was served with fried corn tortillas, melted Cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers, but today you can enjoy nachos with various toppings such as meat, avocado, mixed vegetables or olives.

In the assortment of Granny’s you can find all the ingredients essential for a nice nachos – original or BBQ flavoured tortilla chips, cheese or salsa dip, sliced jalapeño peppers, but also guacamole and onion sauce for a change.

Make yourself at home – just like in cinema!


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