Rice is an important, healthy and nutritious cereal, the main food for 60% of the world’s human population. There are many varieties of rice concerning the colour and shape of the grains, but the variants differ also in carbohydrate and protein content.

In our assortment we offer brown rice, long, medium and round grain rice as well as wild rice.

Brown rice has got a brownish colour, as after the first milling the bran is not removed. Due to this its nutritional value is higher but the grains remain harder after cooking.
The long grain rice among the white rice types tends to remain intact after cooking, while the shorter grain rice becomes more sticky. Therefore the round (or short) grain rice is especially convenient for preparing risotto, sushi or rice pudding.
Wild rice is in fact not rice but the grain of a certain grass. With its mild nutty flavour it is an excellent garnish for itself or mixed with white rice.

We offer all kind of rice, even special types such as rice for rice pudding or rice for sushi, but also Basmati and Jasmine rice with a unique flavour.

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