“Fish is a delicious, light and easy to use ingredient of dishes, however it is quite neglected in the Hungarian cuisine. A number of its positive effects protect our health, it is perfectly applicable in slimming diets, hence it is worth to build it into a balanced and diversified diet. […] Fish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, that support the nerves and the hormone production, regulate the cholesterol level, and assist in the proper function of the immune system. It is also a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which is essential for our organism, as these fatty acids cannot be naturally produced by any of our organs, e.g. we have to get to these through food intake.” (Ízek és Érzések Magazin, March-April 2014)

Our concern is to ensure the best consumer goods available, and to offer healthy products that do not damage the environment. These factors are even of a much higher importance in case of our canned fish products. Therefore the suppliers of our own brand products as well as of our partners’ brands are carefully selected according to strict aspects whereby not only the quality but also the origin of raw materials are essential.

In our canned fish assortment we offer tuna, sardine, mackerel and herring products in different varieties – pure, spicy, in tomato sauce or with vegetables. Fans of seafood will surely enjoy our products as well.

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