Monday March 31st, 2014

Get ready for the beach season with Finn Crisp!

It may sound weird, but if you want to get back your nice slim lines after the long winter, you have to eat! However it is pretty important what, when and how much you eat!

Breakfast wakes up and gets the body going and is therefore the most important meal of the day. If breakfast is skipped one is more likely to eat too much and unhealthy food during the day. A balanced breakfast should contain dietary fibre and protein. A perfect choice is a slice of fiber-rich FINN CRISP crispbread together with protein from for example milk, cheese or egg.
The quality of snack also matters. Choose snacks rich in fibre and wholegrain in order to secure intake of important minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre. What about of a slice of FINN CRISP crispbread with avocado or tomato? Could a snack get any better?

The FINN CRISP products are made of wholegrain cereals, while dietary fibre is an essential benefit of the wholegrain. It is indigestible, and it is only broken down to smaller units by the human digestive system, yet contains very little energy. However, dietary fibre carries many health benefits. Nutrition research has shown that high dietary fibre intake decreases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and also some kinds of cancer.

You can find our FINN CRISP products in the outlets of CBA, Metro, Spar and Tesco! In addition we permanently keep prices down till end of May in Spar!