Friedel is the brand of the German family-owned company, Rübezahl Schokoladen. Under the confectionery brand Rübezahl sells both chocolate, as well as fondant, jelly and cream products. Grown with the seasonal business, the Friedel-range has been supplemented in recent years by all-season products such Katzenzungen and jelly and fondant.

The “little fat Santa Claus,” as well as the “little long ear bunny” assortments turned out to be some of the most popular Friedel products, which are being produced with UTZ certified* cocoa since 2013.

In Hungary you can find both the seasonal products, as well as the classic Katzenzungen on the shelves.


* UTZ Certified is a program and label for sustainable cultivation of agricultural products. Especially coffee, tea, Rooibos and cocoa are certified under the program. The UTZ Certified program covers good agricultural practices, farm management, social and living conditions, and the environment.

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